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The Trust Engine is a web2 >> web3 on-ramp for data-centric blockchain applications. The intention is to provide a simple web2 API that "just works" without the developer needing to think too much about web3 implications like contract management and indexing.
Here are some of the important concepts to understand.
A namespace is a data container attached to a specific smart contract.
When you perform API actions as this namespace, it will talk to that smart contract.
The contract you register on the namespace will determine what capabilities the namespace has. If you register your namespace as an audit/v1 contract, you will not be able to create processes.
You only need to think about contracts when you register a namespace.
A contract type is an upgrade path for a number of contracts. For example, you can have the process contract type that can upgrade between process/v1, process/v2, etc.
Public vs. Private metadata
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